Rolex: Fake watches at Elon Musk's X

Research by WirtschaftsWoche now shows new abyss of X. Paid ads for counterfeit products such as Swiss luxury watches are appearing with increasing frequency in the Twitter successor's news feed. From purportedly verified accounts with a blue checkmark.

According to Rolex, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph is being advertised for $240, rather than the €14,850 buyers would pay from a reputable dealer. Or the Patek Philippe Aquanaut, which typically charges €23,844 via credit card. On dubious portals such as "Swiss Luxury", which advertises on X, a suspected replica watch is said to be available for only 399 euros.

While anyone entering the EU with such a watch on their wrist or in their suitcase must expect it to be confiscated and destroyed by customs, X is apparently still making money by advertising counterfeit products.

Efforts by internet services to block such ads appear rather half-hearted. X has a feature that allows you to report illegal ads. However, the functional barriers in the test were set so high that most users were more likely to give up in frustration.

X did not respond to inquiries about this matter. Affected Swiss luxury watchmakers Rolex and Patek Philippe also declined to comment.